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Cordless hairdryer promises to dry your hair from the inside out

The infrared Volo Go battery-powered hairdryer claims to dry hair fast.

The Volo Go battery-powered hairdryer is making its debut at CES 2019.
Angela Lang/CNET

The Volo Go hairdryer by startup Volo Beauty claims to dry your hair "from the inside out" thanks to infrared radiant heat technology.

It's also battery-powered via a lithium-ion battery so you don't have to bother with cords. I really like the concept of a cordless hairdryer, but its projected battery life is just 14 minutes. So, depending on how long it typically takes you to dry your hair, the Volo Go might not cut it. At the same time, Volo Beauty says the Volo Go works faster than your typical hairdryer, so who knows. 

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The Volo Go is available on Kickstarter now and is expected to ship to backers mid-2019.

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