Control this lidar-equipped smart shower with a wave at CES 2021

The Lux Lab D102 tracks your hand movement so you can adjust the water pressure and temperature with a gesture.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Lux Lab

The Lux Lab D102 packs a lot of cool tech into a shower, all for the sake of making its controls simple. Designed for those with disabilities, the D102 lets you adjust the temperature and water pressure of your shower with a gesture instead of needing to reach for the faucet.

Startup Lux Lab is looking to release the D102 as a standalone product at a pricey $850. My favorite showerhead at the moment is only a fraction of the cost at $50. This one includes a Lidar sensor, the same light detecting radar used in self driving cars. Beyond this introductory model, Lux Lab wants to make its tech available to other shower manufacturers to make this basic task more accessible. (International prices weren't immediately available, but the price converts to about £620 or AU$1,100.)

Lux Lab showed off the fancy shower at CES 2021. Thanks to the built-in lidar, you can hold your palm up and move your hand side to side to change the temperature. Or move your hand up and down to adjust the water pressure. 

Supposedly, the system is advanced enough to recognize intentional gestures and won't accidentally turn the water boiling if you make an ordinary gesture while you clean yourself. That's reassuring for me as I tend to sing and gesticulate wildly while I shower. I look forward to trying out this cool new tech when it's ready.