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Comcast iPad app launches for DVR control

Comcast launches long-awaited iPad app that allows customers to browse listings, set their DVRs to record shows, and much more.

The Xfinity app running on Apple's iPad.

Comcast has launched its Xfinity TV iPad and iPhone app in Apple's app store.

The application, which is available for free, allows Comcast customers to browse or search for TV listings from Apple's tablet or smartphone. Once the user finds what they want to watch, they can tap on the show in the app and immediately change the channel of their DVR to that station. If a show isn't on yet, they can also program their DVRs to record the episode or series.

Next month, Comcast plans to make television shows and movies viewable from its application. The app will boast shows and films from "the top premium networks," Comcast said. Over time, the company will add "thousands of additional entertainment choices."

Comcast also plans to double down on its mobile application development going forward. The company revealed today that the Xfinity launch is "the first in a series of scheduled app releases" for iOS-based devices. In addition, it plans to make "several" Android apps available this year, as well as programs for the BlackBerry and other mobile devices.

Comcast isn't alone in its desire to expand its offering through the iPad.

Earlier this year, Time Warner Cable unveiled an iPad app prototype that shows current programming and full TV listings. The cable provider indicated at the time that its goal is to give users the ability to watch shows when away from home on their iPad, and once they get home, resume watching the show on their television.