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Comcast and to purchase smart home company Icontrol

Comcast and are awaiting governmental approval to acquire Internet of Things company Icontrol Networks.

Icontrol's $280 Piper NV security system was first unveiled at CES 2015.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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Comcast and will acquire Icontrol Networks pending approval from the US government, the companies announced today.

Icontrol Networks is an internet-of-things company that sells consumer-facing products like the $280 Piper NV, an all-in-one home security system with a built-in 180-degree live-streaming camera, siren, various activity and environmental sensors, as well as a Z-Wave hub. Icontrol also provides security software services to third parties like Comcast's Xfinity Home.

Comcast plans to acquire Icontrol's Austin-based business unit, the one responsible for the Xfinity Home platform, while home security company has its sights set on the properties dealing with consumer device Piper. There's no word yet on how long it might take to finalize the acquisition, or exactly what Comcast and plan to do with a divvied up Icontrol, but we'll be sure to provide updates as they become available.