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CES 2017: Chat at your Neato robot over Facebook for cleaner floors

Now you can send Facebook Chatbot messages to prod Neato robot vacuums into action.

Facebook chat at your Neato robot to prompt cleaning.

The notion of becoming Facebook friends with your robot vacuum may sound strange. If you spend a great deal of time chatting via Facebook Messenger or interacting with corporate chatbots though, it just might be worth your while. Neato Robotics just enabled the ability for its flagship product, the Botvac Connected, to listen out for your Facebook messages and respond accordingly.

Specifically you'll be able to link your own personal Botvac Connected model to your Facebook profile. Once that's done, all it takes to kick the robot vacuum into cleaning mode is a quick text message such as "Start cleaning" to launch the machine into action. You can also halt the gadget by entering "Stop cleaning" into the Neato Facebook Chatbot text field.

Other commands available to you include "Help" or "Support" to poke Neato Robotic's tech support team for solving any technical issues.

According to Neato, the new Chatbbot feature is available globally wherever you have access to Facebook and Messenger mobile apps. Unlike like the company's integration with Amazon Alexa, this ability is not only possible with the top-tier Neato Botvac Connected model. Indeed, you should be able to send Chatbot commands to all robovacs in the current Neato connected vacuum line up including the Botvac, D3 and D5.