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CES 2019: The Rocking Bed is for adults that want to sleep like a baby

If this bed is rocking, it's to make you fall asleep faster.

The Rocking Bed uses movement to help you fall asleep faster.
Patrick Holland/CNET

Mark Russell, the founder of the US company Rocking Bed, was on a cruise ship and loved the gentle way the boat made his bed move back-and-forth. He said that the rocking motion helped him fall asleep faster. At CES, his company brought the Rocking Bed which rocks you asleep like a baby without having to be on a cruise ship.

The bed doesn't really rock, rather the frame glides the mattress smoothly back-and-forth. I tried the bed out for a few minutes in the middle of a packed exhibition hall and felt calm as well as relaxed when I got up. I'd be curious to see how this made me feel after sleeping on it.

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Russell's observation on the effects of rocking motion during sleep is backed up by scientific studies done in Switzerland by Geneva University Hospital as well as pretty much anybody with a baby.

The Rocking Bed comes with legs and can be used as a base for your mattress. It can also replace a box spring and sit on your current bed frame. The rocking motion, controlled by a timer built into the the unit, ramps down the movement as the time ends. I like that the bed isn't dependent on a phone to control it. It's all about unplugging from the world and falling asleep faster.

There are frames for full-size, Queen or King sized mattresses. Each Rocking Bed costs $3,450 (roughly £2,700 or AU$4,800) and is available for purchase now from the company's website.

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