Canary takes security to a bigger screen with Apple TV app

Hate watching your camera's live feed from your phone? Canary customers can now tune in on Apple TV.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Startup Canary, maker of the $199/£159 Canary Flex and the $199/£159 Canary Smart Home Security device, has today released an app update for both Android and iPhone customers.

This next-gen software is supposed to make it possible for Canary owners to view their camera's live feed via Apple TV . You should be able to check out your activity timeline from Apple TV as well. Nest announced a similar update earlier in November, but the Google/Alphabet property extended TV viewing to both Android TV and Apple TV users.

I asked Canary about this and the company said it didn't currently have plans for an Android TV integration.

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Now you can watch your Canary camera's live video stream on Apple TV.


In addition to Apple TV connectivity, the Canary app should now work on Android tablets and iPads -- previously, the app was limited to phones. And, it should work with Android Wear products, including the Moto 360 , LG Watch, Huawei Watch and Asus ZenWatch.

Canary software now also supports an on-demand siren-triggering emergency button for anyone with a siren-equipped Canary Smart Home Security device . Canary Flex models do not come with built-in sirens.

We've already reviewed Canary's Smart Home Security product, but we expect to get our hands on a Flex in short order, so we'll be sure to test out these software updates when that happens.