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Buy a Lenovo smart alarm clock for $30, and Walmart includes a free smart bulb

Walmart bundles a free smart color bulb with the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

Get the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with a free smart bulb while supplies last.

Rich Brown/CNET

What's better than a big discount on a smart alarm clock? How about getting that reduced price plus a free smart light bulb thrown in for good measure? That's precisely what Walmart is doing right now. Originally costing $50, the basic-looking Lenovo Smart Clock Essential now costs $30. And as part of the deal, Walmart will also include one Lenovo Smart Color Bulb.

While Lenovo has cut the price of this particular bulb, it'll still set you back $6. 

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The Smart Clock Essential is not a true smart display: Its simple LED can't showcase video or photos. That said, it does have built-in support for Google Assistant and a speaker with good sound quality. It also has a nightlight that you can use for sunrise alarms. 

"It sounds great for its size and it offers all of the features you'd expect from a Google Assistant smart speaker," said CNET's Andrew Gebhart in his Lenovo Smart Clock Essential review -- and he liked it at $50.

This is definitely a red-hot special so best get it while supplies last.

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