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Best Buy ends (most) restocking fees

Retailer permanently discontinues its restocking fees on all but special orders, which still generate a 25 percent fee.

Best Buy eliminated most restocking fees on returns as of this past Saturday.

The retailer will still charge a restocking fee on special order items, which according to its Web site, is a whopping 25 percent.

Best Buy confirmed to CNET today that it is also offering a refund on restocking fees to anyone who returned items between November 17 and this past Friday.

Previously, customers were charged a 15 percent restocking fees on most electronics in the store. It charged customers a 10 percent restocking fee on iPhones. The company's restocking fees were widely panned among consumers, who viewed them as unnecessarily high.

Best Buy acknowledged that sentiment in a statement released Friday.

"Best Buy continually listens to our customers, and they told us they want to give confidently this holiday season and every other day of the year--and with that comes easier returns," the company said in the statement.

Best Buy's policy change comes just days after the company posted weak earnings for the quarter that ended November 27, due to slower TV and game sales.