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BeOn's bulbs bank $2.9 million in funding round

The new investment pours additional financing into BeOn's security-minded smart LED bulbs, helping the company create new models.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Smart bulb startup BeOn Home announced Thursday a funding round worth $2.9 million in additional capital. Led by Jopeko Capital, the new funding brings the sum of investments in BeOn Home to $5 million.

BeOn's Bluetooth bulbs feature built-in battery modules that allow them to keep on shining when your lights are switched off or when your power is out. They also use built-in microphones to listen for your doorbell -- if they hear it ring, they'll turn on to help create the impression that you're home. We tested them out in the CNET Smart Home last year and came away impressed with their unique slate of security-minded features.

Additional capital could help BeOn push forward with new bulb models and accessories. Along with a new floodlight version of the bulb announced last month at CES, the startup has long teased additional battery modules with new features, such as Wi-Fi or Z-Wave compatibility.