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Belkin's bridge between WeMo and HomeKit is here at last

Got a bunch of WeMo gadgets? Add the WeMo HomeKit Bridge for $40, and you'll be able to sync them all up with Apple HomeKit and control them using Siri commands.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Nearly eight months after it was first announced, Belkin's WeMo HomeKit Bridge is finally up for sale as of today, the company announced at CES 2018. The price? $40.

WeMo's HomeKit Bridge is available now for $40.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

For your money, you'll get a smallish plug-in hub that connects directly to your router and to power. Once you've got it plugged in, it'll connect your existing WeMo devices with Apple HomeKit, the set of iOS-based smart home protocols that let you control compatible gadgets together in Apple's Home app, or by using spoken Siri commands.

WeMo devices supported by the HomeKit bridge include:

That list leaves out offshoot gadgets like WeMo's coffee maker and humidifier, but it's still nice to see a majority of the product line in the mix, including WeMo's first-gen switches and motion detectors, which Belkin isn't even selling anymore.

"We've had an overwhelming positive response from customers when we announced last spring that we would make the Wemo Bridge compatible with HomeKit support," said Kara Alexander, Wemo's senior product manager. "We have made it a top priority working with Apple to ensure an incredible experience for both Wemo and HomeKit users."

Belkin's WeMo HomeKit Bridge is available starting today on Belkin's website, on Amazon and on You'll also find it in-store at Best Buy. We'll plug one in at the CNET Smart Home to test out as soon as we get back from Las Vegas, so stay tuned.

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