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Belkin spinoff Phyn launches new puck-sized leak detector with up to 2 years battery life

The company is also selling a couple of extenders to detect water problems between, under and around tight spaces.

Dale Smith Former Associate Writer
Dale Smith is a former Associate Writer on the How-To team at CNET.
Dale Smith
2 min read

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor can send a notification when it detects a leak.


One of the biggest names in smart home water monitoring and leak detection, Phyn, a spinoff of device-maker Belkin, on Thursday announced a new line of products to help home and business customers intelligently monitor water leaks. The star of the show is the new $40 Phyn Smart Water Sensor -- a battery-powered, hockey-puck sized device that can monitor for leaks as well as changes in temperature and humidity.

When the Phyn Smart Water Sensor comes in contact with water, it immediately notifies the owner with a text message and mobile push notification, as well as an audible alarm and flashing LED lights on the device itself. If you connect it to the company's flagship Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant Plus Shutoff, the Phyn Smart Water Sensor can also trigger a shutoff valve, turning the water supply off and saving the owner from potentially catastrophic water damage. 

To expand the Phyn Smart Water Sensor's reach, Phyn also announced a pair of add-ons. The Phyn Water Extension Node ($10) is a smaller, thinner, puck-shaped sensor that attaches to the Phyn Smart Water Sensor with an aux cable. It's designed to fit into tighter spaces the water sensor can't get to. 

Phyn Smart Water Sensor with Node

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor with attached Node extends the reach of the water sensor to fit into tight spaces the sensor can't reach.


The Phyn Water Sensor Cable ($25) -- essentially an aux cord but without a puck at the end -- likewise extends the Phyn Smart Water Sensor's reach. If water touches any part of the cable, the device will alert the owner. The sensor cable is meant to be run along floorboards or used to create a loop around potential problem areas, like a water heater. 

You can connect up to three of the 4-foot long cables to create a 12-foot area of coverage. Alternatively, you can connect a node at the end of one or two cables to the Smart Water Sensor. Note, however, that only the node and not the node's cable is able to detect water.

Phyn Smart Water Sensor with Cable

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor can also attach to up to three Phyn Water Sensor Cables, which can detect water anywhere along the cable. 


Battery life can last up to two years, depending on settings, and the device will send a notification when the batteries need to be replaced. 

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor, Water Extension Node and Water Sensor Cable are on sale now on the company's website as well as at Home Depot and Best Buy.