Belkin brings the Wemo smart bulb to Australia

Belkin's home automation range brightens up with the arrival of the Wemo smart LED bulb.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
Nic Healey is a Senior Editor with CNET, based in the Australia office. His passions include bourbon, video games and boring strangers with photos of his cat.
Nic Healey

Fans of home automation can rejoice -- Belkin's range of smart LED bulbs will be available in Australia just in time for Christmas.

Launched in the US back in September, the Wemo LED will join the Phillips Hue as one of the few smart bulb options available to Australians.

Like all smart lighting systems, the Wemo installs like a regular light bulb but then accesses a home Wi-Fi network via the Wemo link device in order for it to be controlled by a smartphone app. The lights can be dimmed or brightened from the app or even scheduled to switch off and on while you're away.

The Wemo bulbs cost AU$50 individually, or a AU$170 starter kit can be purchased, which includes two bulbs and a Wemo link that can support up to 50 bulbs.

At the moment, Belkin sells both a Wemo light switch and a power adaptor that allows any device to be controlled via the app, in addition to a baby monitor and a motion sensor .

After a slow start, home automation is being tipped by many analysts to explode over the next few years, with Telsyte estimating the industry to be worth AU$917 million by 2017.