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August Smart Locks now feature Auto-Connect for easier unlocking

The August Smart Lock Pro and third-generation August Smart Lock shed the app's clunky remote connect button for quicker connecting.

August Smart Locks are some of the best available, and their easy installation, smart home compatibility and simple style make them a popular choice. What some users didn't love? A clunky and sometimes slow remote connection experience in the August app. Two locks, the August Smart Lock Pro and the third-generation August Smart Lock are getting a new feature called Auto-Connect to make connecting remotely quicker, August announced in a blog post Thursday. 


August announced an updated that adds Auto-Connect to its Smart Lock Pro and third generation Smart Locks for quicker connecting remotely. 

August Home

Currently, if you want to grant someone access to your home or check your lock's status remotely, you need to tap a remote connect button in the August app. Then, you'll have to wait for the lock to connect to your home's Wi-Fi network. 

The update announced today makes remote connection one step simpler. It allows your smart lock to detect whether you're accessing it remotely or standing in front of the door. You won't need to press the remote connect button in the August app anymore. Simply opening the lock screen in the August app initiates the connection automatically.  

August smart locks are already a simple and straightforward way to manage home access, and this update slims down the steps required even more. For these new features to work, you will need a Wi-Fi bridge, either the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or an August Doorbell Cam