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AT&T ladles out GetJar apps--iPhone excluded

Carrier gives customers the ability to download GetJar's app store. The service is available on about 50 different phones, according to Reuters.

GetJar's mobile app store is now available in AT&T's AppCenter.

Upon downloading the application, AT&T customers can access the company's more than 75,000 applications. GetJar's store has several top titles, led by internationally beloved game, Angry Birds. GetJar also added the Shazam music app to its service yesterday. Apps downloaded from GetJar can be delivered to devices running Symbian, Android, and RIM's BlackBerry OS, among others.

Reuters reports that GetJar's store is available on about 50 different phones sold by AT&T, including BlackBerry smartphones and its "cheapest phones." However, the GetJar store cannot be downloaded to Apple's iPhone.

There is a workaround for iPhone owners. From the mobile Safari browser on Apple's smartphone, users can browse GetJar's apps. Once they find something they like, they can click the "download" option in GetJar. From there, GetJar redirects the user to the appropriate page in the App Store on their iPhone. It's not a particularly convenient option, but it's something to consider nonetheless.

GetJar is free to download from AT&T's AppCenter.