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AT&T creates postpaid tablet data plans

Carrier announces postpaid data plans for tablets. The monthly charge is the same as for prepaid plans--unless the data limit is breached.

AT&T customers can now choose postpaid data plans for their tablet PCs.

Starting today, AT&T said, customers can opt to pay $14.99 for 250MB of monthly data or $25 for 2GB of monthly data. The postpaid option will show up on the person's monthly wireless bill after the data is used. Prepaid plans, which feature the same price and data allotments, are charged on a person's credit card prior to their use.

Both the postpaid and prepaid plans are month-to-month, meaning that customers have no long-term contract.

The only difference, apparently, between the two types of plans is the charge for exceeding the data limit. Under the postpaid plan, those who exceed 2GB will be charged another $10 per 1GB of extra data. Under the prepaid plan, customers who exceed 2GB can choose to buy an additional 2GB for $25.

AT&T's new option is available for all tablets, including the iPad 2, which will launch March 11.

To jump-start the new postpaid option, AT&T is offering customers their first month free when they activate a new 2GB postpaid plan.