Apple supply chain sees smooth sailing ahead

The company's suppliers say that their relationship with Apple is strong, and will remain so, as Tim Cook takes over the CEO reins.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Apple's new CEO Tim Cook is a supply-chain pro.
New CEO Tim Cook is a supply-chain pro. Apple

Apple's manufacturing partners expect their relationships with the iPhone maker to remain strong, even though there's a new CEO at the company.

In a statement yesterday, Taiwan-based manufacturer, Hon Hai Precision Industry, said that it expects its relationship with Apple to become even closer under the new leadership. That sentiment was echoed by DigiTimes sources at Apple suppliers, who said that they don't anticipate any order changes to come about.

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple. In a resignation letter to the board, Jobs recommended his chief operating officer Tim Cook assume the role of CEO. The board accepted the recommendation, as well as another from Jobs, making him chairman of the company's board of directors.

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Foxconn, a key partner in Apple's development of the iPhone and iPad, told AllThingsD in a statement published today that it looks forward to working with Cook and Jobs in their new roles at Apple.

"Foxconn has had a long and very successful partnership with Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and the entire Apple team for many years and we look forward to working with Steve and Tim in their new positions within Apple," the company told AllThingsD. "We have every confidence in Apple's leadership and its ability to continue to innovate and to drive much of the global technology industry's growth. Steve has built a great company and a great management team and we wish him all the best as he transitions to chairman of the board of Apple."

The fact that Apple's manufacturing partners aren't concerned by the company's new CEO shouldn't come as a surprise. As chief operating officer, Cook was instrumental in establishing a supply chain that many would argue is the best in the business.

"We believe Tim Cook has been able to demonstrate his deep understanding and expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management," Jefferies analyst Peter Misek wrote shortly after the Jobs news broke. "Even with the unfortunate events in Japan around the time of the iPad 2 release, Tim Cook was able to double or sometimes triple source component suppliers. To date, no competitor has been able to gain meaningful share in the tablet market; and, in our view, Cook's leadership during the introduction was critical to this."

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.