Siri, Alexa or Google: Which voice helper is best for you?

Ready to embrace a voice-activated smart home, but unsure of where to start? Our handy quiz is here to help.

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Ry Crist
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Voice assistants are everywhere these days -- in our phones, our tablets, our computers, our smart speakers, our refrigerators, you name it. Gimmicky? Perhaps -- but there's no denying that they've exploded in popularity.

Here's the thing: That popularity is the engine that's powering a formidable feedback loop for the voice-control category. As customers flock to stores to pick up smart speakers and voice-activated everything, developers rush to capitalize on the wave. That's led to a flood of new Alexa skills, HomeKit controls and Google integrations. As a result, the category keeps getting more compelling, which motivates more people to buy in, which... well, you get the idea.

At some point, the appeal of these platforms might hit a ceiling, but for now, they're still getting smarter and smarter -- and that makes it a great time to explore their promise of a more convenient and connected living space. And, with Siri controls already baked into your iPhone and iPad, and Amazon's Echo Dots and Google's Home Minis selling for $50 or less, the barrier to entry is about as low as cutting-edge tech gets.

Each assistant has its own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. So which one is right for you? That depends on a whole host of factors, the biggest of which being a) what you want your assistant to do, and b) what gadgets and services you want your assistant to work with.

If that sounds like a lot to consider, fear not -- we've developed a quick, handy little quiz that'll help you figure out which of the top three voice helpers might be the best fit for you. From there, our reviews, buying guides and best-of lists can help you zero in on the perfect upgrades for a smarter, voice-activated home.



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