Apple removes smart doorbells from its list of HomeKit-enabled devices

The wait continues... indefinitely.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

Apple removed the smart doorbell category from its list of HomeKit-enabled devices, although it technically doesn't work with any Wi-Fi buzzers yet.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Apple has removed smart doorbells from its page of HomeKit accessories. There aren't any Wi-Fi buzzers that officially work with Apple's Siri-powered smart home platform right now, but the tech giant announced an upcoming integration with doorbells back at WWDC 2016 when the Home app was first announced. 

Two years later and we're still waiting. Completely removing the category from Apple's HomeKit accessory page isn't a good sign.

That said, Apple does offer HomeKit and Siri control on select third-party security cameras today -- the D-Link Omna and the Logitech Circle 2 are the most notable.

Other cameras, such as the Somfy One are listed on the HomeKit page as "announced," but not active partners with the Apple platform.

This is just the latest example that points to Apple being far behind its competitors Amazon and Google when it comes to third-party device integrations. Both Alexa and Google Assistant already work with smart doorbells from Ring and Nest

Apple declined to comment. 

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