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Apple may open Grand Central store this month

The company is reportedly readying a Grand Central Terminal store for a launch before Black Friday. It has not yet confirmed that the store will even exist.

Apple's landmark 'Cube' store in New York City. Would a Grand Central store look similar?
Apple's landmark 'Cube' store in Manhattan. Would a Grand Central store look similar?

Apple's long-rumored Grand Central Terminal store in New York, currently under construction, could be open by the end of November, a new report claims.

According to Apple rumor site 9to5Mac, the iPhone maker has been putting its employees through "Core" training at a hotel in Times Square, and it could open the store as early as "the Saturday before Black Friday." If true, that would mean that the store would open on November 19.

It is worth noting, however, that Apple has yet to confirm that it is even opening a Grand Central Terminal store, let alone announce its grand opening. That said, over the last several weeks, images and even videos have been cropping up on the Web showing the store under construction, seeming to indicate that the opening is imminent.

Reports of Apple planning to open a Grand Central Terminal store cropped up over the summer, when CNN reported that Apple had submitted plans for the spot with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board. According to The Wall Street Journal, which also reported on the rumor, the space spans over 23,000 square feet and will cost Apple $1.1 million per year to rent.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.