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Apple January event to focus on publishing, iBooks, report says

The iPhone maker will be announcing advancements for the publishing industry, rather than any major experience changes for consumers, TechCrunch claims.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Apple could be talking about iBooks in New York later this month.
Apple could be talking about iBooks in New York later this month. Apple

Apple is reportedly planning to hold a special event in New York City later this month. That's got the rumor mill operating at full capacity to figure out what the company has planned.

Yesterday, startup-focused blog TechCrunch was the latest to chime in, saying that a source claims the event will center on book publishing and iBooks. The source didn't say exactly what Apple will announce, but suggested the iPhone maker won't be unveiling any new hardware at the event. Apple's mobile-advertising platform, iAd, also won't be discussed, TechCrunch's source says.

All Things Digital reported yesterday, citing sources, that Apple is planning to hold a special event in New York City later this month. Although some might hope the event will usher in new iPad models or the long-rumored Apple television, the publication's sources said that it would likely focus on media-related topics. Apple's senior vice president for Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, is expected to be involved in the event in some fashion.

The idea that Apple's event would focus on publishing and iBooks, and not the iPad or Apple TV, seems to make some sense, considering the company is reportedly holding it in New York--a major publishing hub. Plus, Apple has historically waited until later in the year to announce a new iPad. Last year, for example, the company didn't show off the iPad 2 until March.

And although the idea of Apple announcing its television later this month is exciting for some consumers, the latest reports on that front suggest the company's set is only in the prototype phase and may be discontinued if its development doesn't go well.

So far, Apple has not confirmed that it will be holding an event in New York later this month. The company has also not immediately responded to CNET's request for comment on TechCrunch's report. But given its history, don't bet that Apple will divulge any details on its plans until it's ready.