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Apple Is Redesigning the Home App

Ahead of the launch of integration standard Matter, Apple is bringing its new Home app to iPhones, iPads and iMacs.

Home app WWDC 2022
Apple is bringing its new Home app to mobile devices and computers.

Apple on Monday introduced a newly designed Home app at its annual WWDC developers conference to bring more efficiency and security to the app.

The Home app, which allows you to coordinate smart home devices integrated on Apple's HomeKit platform as well as control those devices with Siri, has been around in largely the same form since 2016. This redesign, though minimal in its changes, is one of the larger updates the app has seen.

Along with new security measures, the app has been reorganized, allowing for new device categories, including climate and lighting, which allow for more efficient navigation. In addition, cameras will appear on the home screen with up to four live feeds running together -- though you can swipe for more.

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The new Home app comes ahead of the launch of Matter, the new integration standard that most smart home brands, Apple included, have joined this year.