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Apple Game Center snubs iPhone 3G, first iPod Touch

The Game Center is open to most iOS-based devices, with the exception of the iPhone 3G and first-gen iPhones and iPods, Apple has revealed.

Game Center in action at Apple's most recent press event.
Game Center in action at Apple's recent media event. CNET

Apple's Game Center, a new social-gaming platform for the iPhone and iPod Touch, will rely upon the masses to be successful.

But some of Apple's longest iOS users apparently won't be invited to join the fun.

Game Center is due to arrive with Apple's iOS 4.1, which may be released as early as Wednesday. Apple already has a Game Center page up, though, and it lists all of the iOS 4.1 devices compatible with Game Center. That list includes the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, and the last three generations of the iPod Touch. However, the iPhone 3G and all first-generation iPhones and iPod Touch devices apparently will not work with Game Center.

So far, Apple has not offered an explanation for leaving the iPhone 3G out of Game Center. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Game Center will be available only on devices running iOS 4.1. The service allows gamers to play titles with others, track achievements, and discover games that friends are playing.