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AOL's Alto service gives Alexa in-depth access to your email

Amazon's voice assistant can now comb through your AOL inbox to find the info you're looking for.


Alto users will be able to search through the files in their inboxes directly within Slack.


Yes, AOL is still a thing. And today, its "intelligent email client" Alto looks to get a bit smarter with new integrations for Slack and Amazon's Alexa.

On the Alexa front, you'll be able to tell the virtual voice assistant to "ask Alto" to retrieve important nuggets of information tucked away in your inbox -- things like flight details, addresses, and calendar appointments. It works by way of Alto's "Stacks" feature, which automatically separates the emails in your inbox based on their content, context and attachments. With the Alexa skill, you'll be able to search through all of it with simple voice commands.

An Alto spokesperson tells me that there's currently no passcode protection feature that would help keep a nosy roommate from asking Alexa to dish on the latest happenings in your inbox. Fortunately, such a feature is said to be in the works.

As for Slack, Alto is adding new bot controls that will let you access those same stacks of emails directly from your Slack client. You'll be able to view photos and attachments from your inbox, then upload them directly to Slack to share with co-workers.

More information about both integrations are available on Alto's website.