Another day, another accusation that Zynga is copying competitors

The social-gaming company has been charged by Buffalo Studios with copying its popular Facebook title, Bingo Blitz.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Buffalo Studios' Bingo Blitz Screenshot by CNET

Social-gaming company Zynga is once again in a competitor's crosshairs.

Buffalo Studios released an infographic yesterday, obtained by Venturebeat, that charges Zynga with copying its flagship game Bingo Blitz with its own as-yet-released Bingo-focused title, Zynga Bingo.

"Hello, Zynga," the infographic reads. "We are moved that your new game was so inspired by our innovative product, Bingo Blitz. Bingo Blitz has been growing throughout the past year and has obviously earned the attention of titanic forces in the industry. You've obviously played our game, Bingo Blitz, a lot, along with over one million other Daily Active Users."

Sprinkled between the text is a series of images showing the striking design similarities between Zynga Bingo and Bingo Blitz. The images show how similar the bingo boards look, how both games use update power-ups, and more.

Bingo Blitz has proven somewhat popular on Facebook. The game, as Buffalo Studios notes, has over 1 million daily active users, and has been "liked" nearly 2.5 million times. It's described as a "fast-paced, high-action, new game of -- B - I - N - G - GO."

Zynga Bingo is currently unavailable to the public. However, over the weekend, Shacknews reported that the title is currently in closed beta and would be available to the public "very soon."

But what makes the Buffalo Studios claim interesting is that it's now the second company in as many weeks to charge Zynga in an infographic with allegedly copying a game.

Last week, small developer Nimblebit released an infographic saying Zynga copied its game Tiny Tower with a new mobile title the social-gaming giant plans to launch, called Dream Heights. As with Zynga Bingo and Bingo Blitz, Dream Heights looks awfully similar to Tiny Tower.

"We wanted to thank you guys for being such big fans of our iPhone game of the year, Tiny Tower," Nimblebit sarcastically wrote in its infographic. "Good luck with your game. We are looking forward to inspiring you with our future games!"

Zynga did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on the claims made by its competitors.