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Anki's Vector, the adorable mini robot, is getting Alexa

The software update will arrive on Dec. 17.


Alexa's in the Vector driver's seat now.

Anki/Screenshot by CNET

Anki's Vector will add Amazon's Alexa to its mini robot repertoire on Dec. 17.

The fully autonomous robot, which rolled into homes in November, is getting Alexa support by way of a software update. 

It's actually a little dark if you think about it. The reveal video shows the voice assistant assuming control of Vector, with his green eyes getting replaced by a blue ring after you say "Alexa."

You can ask Alexa to turn up the heat or other basic functions, but you can't stream music, call contacts or access its Kindle and Audible features via Vector, Engadget noted.

Alexa integration was one of the top requests from the Vector's Kickstarter community, Anki CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman wrote in an October blog post.

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