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Android 5.0 'Jelly Bean' launching in Q2? Eh, maybe

The operating system's next version will be optimized for tablets and will work alongside Windows 8, claims the Taiwan-based Digitimes.

Taiwan's Digitimes is at it again, and this time, the publication says it knows when Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) will launch.

The online publication says it has talked to Taiwan-based supply chain vendors who claim Google is planning to launch Android 5.0 at some point in the second quarter. The operating system will be optimized for tablets, Digitimes' sources say.

However, it is Digitimes' claim that vendors will be able to add Android 5.0 to a Windows 8-based tablet or notebook, allowing users to switch between the operating systems without a reboot, that's getting the most attention.

Android is designed for smartphones and tablets, and Google's Chrome OS mostly handles the company's notebook strategy. Why Google would want to see Android running on notebooks--alongside Windows 8, no less--is unknown.

It's not necessarily a stretch to believe Google will launch a new Android version this year. However, the company's latest release, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), is just starting to make its presence known in the mobile space, which might cast doubt on Digitimes' timing on Jelly Bean's launch. And although the Windows 8 integration is compelling, Digitimes' claim that Google is trying to make inroads into the notebook market with Jelly Bean fails to hold up.

So, what can we say about Digitimes' latest report on Android 5.0? The same thing we say about many other Digitimes' reports: take it with a healthy heaping of salt.

Google did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.