Amazon now lets you drop in on all your Echo speakers at the same time. Here's how

The update lets you broadcast your voice on every Echo speaker in your home, which has some big benefits.

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You can now drop in on all your Echo speakers at the same time.

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Your Amazon Echo is like a second phone -- you can use it to call and text friends and family. However, it can do something cool your phone can't. The Drop In feature lets you use your Echo speaker as an intercom so that you immediately have access to the person you're trying to talk to. And now it has a new update that lets you drop in on all your Echo speakers at the same time. 

Before, you could only drop in on one device at a time, but now you can drop in on all the Echo speakers on your account for a group call. It's simple to use. Just say, " Alexa , drop in on all devices" to get started. 

Dropping in on all devices can be helpful when you're out of the house and need to quickly talk to someone at home (you can do this through the Alexa app), or if you want to have a group discussion with everyone in the house about what type of pizza to order. Or maybe you're not sure which room someone's in, but you need to ask a question. Dropping in on all your Echos can help get the message across faster.

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