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Amazon may stop selling Google's Nest products

Thermostats and home security products are expected to disappear from the online retailer's site, reports Business Insider.


Amazon may be ending sales of Google's Nest products, like the Thermostat E.

Josh Miller/CNET

Amazon may stop stocking Google's Nest line of products, continuing the companies' already rocky history of support for each other's products.

According to a Business Insider report Friday, Amazon told Nest late last year that the online retailer wouldn't be listing any of Nest's newer products, which include a smart thermostat and other home appliances.

Amazon declined to comment on the BI report, and Google didn't respond to a request for comment.

When the listings disappear, Nest products might still be available from independent sellers on Amazon. Otherwise, they'll be going the way of Google's Chromecast and Home speakers, neither of which is in stock on Amazon and which compete, respectively, with Amazon's Fire TV streamers and Echo speakers.

The news comes days after Amazon bought Ring, the maker of the Ring Video Doorbell. Amazon has also been beefing up its own home security products, such as its Cloud Cam.