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Amazon Echo multiroom audio not far off, report says

Amazon is ready to launch whole-home audio for its Alexa speakers, one report claims.

Will Amazon Alexa speakers soon offer multiroom audio?

Chris Monroe/CNET

There might be good news for owners of multiple Alexa speakers. Amazon has completed testing on a multiroom audio feature, according to a report by German blog Caschys

"It will probably soon be possible to use the Echoes as multiroom speakers, the music is then synchronized on several loudspeakers," Caschys wrote Monday (read the translated blog post here). Reportedly, owners will be able to "group" Alexa speakers, too, so that multiple devices can listen and respond to a single command or question. 

Whole-home playback is already available from the Google Home and Chromecast devices, so this would be a smart addition for Amazon's voice control speakers like the Echo. It would also make Amazon's line more competitive with the Sonos speaker system and the upcoming Apple HomePod

Amazon did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. 

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