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Bad Alexa! Amazon Echo leaks upcoming Lady Gaga album

Users heard a sneak peek of Lady Gaga's forthcoming album by asking their Amazon Echo speakers to play clips.


A few hungry Little Monsters got a sneak peek at Lady Gaga's unreleased album thanks to their Amazon Echo smart speakers. All they had to do was ask nicely.

"Joanne," Lady Gaga's first solo album since 2013 "Artpop," is scheduled for October 21, and it's currently available for preorder on Amazon.

Generally, Amazon posts 30-second previews of songs off albums that are available for purchase, and this feature usually only works for songs that have already been released. (You can see that on Amazon's current desktop page for "Joanne," the preview interface for the album's track has yet to be populated.)

Somehow though, users who asked their Amazon Echo to "play Joanne by Lady Gaga," triggered the smart speaker to play the 30-second previews, according to the BBC. A few users were quick to upload these previews to the internet, but many have been taken down. In a few of these clips, you can hear Alexa introducing the sample.

Some leaked previews include the songs "Hey Girl," "Angel Down," and "Diamond Heart."

It is unclear whether this preview leak was intentional, but it seems that Amazon has patched the loophole. So if you missed your opportunity to preview the album, you'll have to wait until October 21.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.