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Amazon Build It program kicks off with smart cuckoo clock

The company's latest plan for the Day 1 Editions program lets you choose the next devices to work with Alexa.

The smart cuckoo clock is just one of Amazon's Built It program ideas.

Amazon launched Echo Frames through its Day 1 Editions program in 2019. Now, the company is adding a new plan called Build It that allows customers to vote via preorder for which devices they'd like to see Alexa work with next.

The company will periodically present new concepts for preorder, Amazon said Wednesday in a blog post. Each concept will have a goal number of preorders. If the idea reaches that number within 30 days, Amazon will build it (see what it did there?) and the customers will be charged for their order when it ships at a special lock-in price. 

What if a concept flops? If an idea doesn't get enough preorders, Amazon won't charge anyone who placed an order. There are three concepts available for preorder now will be open until March 19. Each concept does require a compatible Echo device like an Echo Dot to work with Alexa commands. Here's a look at what's planned:


The Build It program is launching with three concept products.


Smart cuckoo clock

Equal parts kitsch and smarts, this concept would work with Alexa for time-centric voice commands like "Alexa, set a 10-minute timer" or "Alexa set an alarm for 5 p.m." It will feature 60 LEDs, a mechanical cuckoo bird and built-in speakers for alarm sounds. It will be wall mountable, but the pendulum is removable should you decide to perch it on a shelf. The Smart Cuckoo Clock is available for a preorder price of $80.

Smart sticky note printer

If you're reliant on reminders, Amazon's smart sticky note printer is here to take your money. It uses "voice-to-print" technology and thermal printing so it never needs ink or toner. There will be paper roll refills, so factor that into your vote. Ask Alexa to print a sticky note for the special preorder price of $90.

Smart nutrition scale

Amazon's concept smart scale works with Alexa and when it is paired with an Echo Show you'll be able to view nutritional information of food at a glance. The information is based on weight and Alexa's memory of your frequently used foods. Ask, "Alexa, ask Smart Scale how much sugar is in these blueberries," or "Alexa, ask Smart Scale to weigh 200 calories of blueberries." This is perhaps the most complex concept in the bunch, and surprisingly, the cheapest. You can preorder the Smart Nutrition Scale for $35.