Amazon Alexa's voice actor reportedly revealed

Journalist and author Brad Stone says Nina Rolle provided the basis for the voice of Amazon's digital assistant.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

The newest model of the Amazon Echo.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Smart speakers and digital assistants have become increasingly ubiquitous, thanks to the popularity of the Amazon Echo and its built-in digital assistant,  Alexa . While Alexa's voice is clearly synthetic, it had to start somewhere. We might finally know the name of the person who's voice helped create Alexa: Nina Rolle.

The info comes from journalist Brad Stone in his upcoming book, Amazon Unbound. He published an excerpt of his book on Wired's website on Tuesday and tweeted the reveal about Nina Rolle as the voice of Alexa.

Neither Amazon nor Rolle's representation immediately responded to CNET's request for comment, and neither side has confirmed Rolle's involvement to any publication yet.

While Amazon has kept the source of Alexa's voice a secret, Stone's info comes from conversations with others in the voiceover community. On Rolle's website, her voice certainly sounds familiar.