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Amazon Alexa and Apple Music will soon play nice

The new skill comes to Amazon Echo smart speakers on Dec. 17 and is slated to roll out to other Alexa-enabled devices soon after.

It's not too surprising that the third-gen Amazon Echo Dot is the most popular smart-home speaker on Amazon. After all, the online retailer doesn't sell Google Home speakers.
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Apple Music's roughly 50 million subscribers (at last count) will have the option of voice controlling their tunes via Alexa-based devices starting on Dec. 17, Amazon announced Friday. That's when the capability rolls out to Amazon's own Echo smart speakers, which Amazon told us will soon be followed by support on other Alexa-enabled devices.

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Apple has slowly been warming up to working with Amazon after years of giving it the cold shoulder. In November, Apple finally started selling some of its hardware in the retailing giant's store, though that deal came at the expense of third-party resellers.

It's possible Apple's sudden friendship with Alexa stems from its unimpressive presence in the smart home market compared with Amazon and Google.

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Here are all the products that work with Amazon Alexa.

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