Alexa can finally wake you up before you go-go

Amazon is going to either give you your favorite song to wake up to or make you hate it.

Ian Sherr Former Editor at Large / News
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Ian Sherr

Mumble mumble, what's that song playing? Mumble mumble, I'll be up in a minute! Mumble mumble.


Ever wanted to have Huey Lewis and The News wake you up with their 1985 hit, "Back in Time"? Or how about, Wham's 1984 smash "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"?

Well, now, in addition to your phone, CD player, expensive weirdo coffee maker, radio alarm clock and whatever other devices you have that're capable of playing music with an alarm, your Echo can too.

The way it works is you simply say, " Alexa , wake me up at 6 a.m" to whatever song, says Amazon . You can choose a specific song, artist or radio station. You can even choose mood music -- maybe you're feeling like you need a new dose of pep in the morning.

I for one made the mistake of using one of my favorite songs to wake me up back in college, and now I hate it. Many other CNETers said they made similar mistakes even with beloved tunes, like the themes to "Indiana Jones" and the 1970s "Superman." 

Consider yourself warned.