Abode's DIY security system spruces up its Google Assistant controls

Google Assistant just got a lot better at controlling one of our favorite DIY security systems.

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Abode's DIY security system plays even nicer with Google Assistant now.

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Abode's app-enabled security kit was already one of our favorite DIY home security systems, and it already supported voice controls via Google Assistant. Now, Abode tells CNET that it's expanding Google Assistant's capabilities to give users more control over their systems.

Specifically, you'll now be able to ask Google Assistant to control a wider range of Abode-supported gadgets, including smart locks, garage door openers, cameras and door and window sensors. Previously, users could only ask Google to control their lights, switches and smart plugs. You can also ask Google Assistant to arm your system. Disarm commands are supported too, though you'll need to provide a four-digit PIN code.

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Abode supports voice controls via Alexa, as well -- a company spokesperson tells me that the new Google controls bring the two integrations more or less on par with one another.

Abode's security Starter Kit earned high marks from us for its overall ease of use, strong smart home support and flexibility from its contract-free professional monitoring plans, which include the option for temporary, part-time monitoring while you're out on vacation. I also like Abode's data retention policies when it comes to user video clips.

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Expanded Google Assistant support makes Abode an even more appealing option for anyone who's already using a Google Home smart speaker or Google Assistant smart display. If your Abode setup includes a camera or the Abode Iota all-in-one device, which includes a built-in camera, you can ask Google Assistant to pull up the feed on your smart display's screen just by saying something like, "OK, Google, show me the backyard."

In addition to viewing camera feeds, arming and disarming the system and turning lights on and off, you can also ask things like, "OK, Google, are any windows open?" and, "OK, Google, is the door locked?" Google Assistant can control your smart lock, too -- but as with disarming the system, you'll need to provide a PIN if you want to unlock it. Same goes for opening your garage door.

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"We made a promise to provide customers with a Google Assistant integration that enabled users use their assistant-enabled devices across every Abode system application possible and this latest release delivers on that promise," Abode CEO Chris Carney says. "As new features and functionality become available to us, we will continue to update all of our integrations and partnerships."

Abode says the new Google Assistant voice controls are live now. You can click here for a full list of supported devices.