Abode announces Wi-Fi connected color smart bulbs at CES 2022

You can control the home security company's first take on smart home lighting right from your phone, no hub required. Snag a two-pack for $30.

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Abode's Color Bulb integrates with the company's other home security devices.


There's another player in the smart home lighting arena. Abode, which has staked its claim as a cheaper alternative to larger home security companies, debuted the Abode Color Bulb at CES 2022 on Tuesday. You can change the bulb's color, brightness and softness from a smartphone and get a two-pack for $30.

After initial Bluetooth pairing, the bulb is fully controllable with just a Wi-Fi connection and the Abode app. From there, you can turn the light on or off and adjust its white-light color temperature (from 1,800 K to 6,500 K) and color. The bulb can also easily switch between presets for specific activities, like watching movies or eating dinner. Abode's Color Bulb becomes more capable when paired with an Abode gateway (regularly $280 to $330)  and security plan (either $6 or $20 a month). 

As part of a larger Abode home security system the lights can be set to come on when an alarm is triggered or a security camera detects motion. It can also be automated to turn on when specific conditions are met, like doors or windows being left open at a certain time of day. The bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

At $15 dollars apiece, Abode's Color Bulb is a respectable offering in the smart bulb market.

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