A smart home scoreboard for CES 2017

Keep track of the new smart home products announced at the show that work with Alexa, Siri and other major smart home voice tech.

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Editor's note, January 7, 2017: Updates = in, with a few changes since this morning. Mattel Aristotle and Hydrao smart shower head have been promoted to "Actually smart." Also added Mayfield Robotics Kuri. The total count has been updated accordingly.

How about a good, old-fashioned technology arms race?

You could just buy a smart light bulb set, but for a lot of consumers (reportedly more than 5 million of you, as of November 2016), it's Amazon 's voice-activated Alexa that will be the entry point for controlling devices around your home.

Along with Amazon, Apple continues to grow its Siri-powered HomeKit smart home system. Google has also entered the fray with its own blandly named smart home AI, Google Assistant, which featured prominently in Google's Echo-imitating Google Home speaker in November 2016.

That's a lot of industry power competing to put a virtual assistant in charge of your home, and that's why our scoreboard for tracking new smart home devices announced at CES 2017 is focusing on voice control.

The scoreboard captures both quantity and quality of new devices, the latter based on the importance of each announcement to its respective platform. Check back every morning at 8 a.m. ET or 5 a.m. PT for your daily update.

Actually smart

Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit/SiriGoogle Assistant/Home
Belkin WeMo Dimmer Chamberlain Smart Garage HubBelkin WeMo Dimmer
Whirlpool appliances Leviton Decora light switchesHyundai
Dish Hopper DVR Honeywell Lyric Home Security and Control SystemChrysler 300
Element 4K TV
Nvidia Shield TV
LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator
Nvidia Spot
Ford Sync3

Mattel Aristotle by Nabi child's smart speaker

Hydrao smart showerheads

Sure, OK

Amazon AlexaApple HomeKit/SiriGoogle Assistant/Home
Samsung Powerbot VR7000 robot vacuum Sylvania Multicolor smart bulbBelkin WeMo Mini smart plug
WeMo Mini smart plug Kwikset Premis smart lockCoway Airmega air purifier
Omaker Wow speaker Lifx Plus smart bulbSwitchmate Bright smart switch
Lenovo Smart Assistant speaker ConnectSense SensorsSwitchmate Power smart plug smart switch
C by GE Lamp Fibaro sensorsSensory Voice Genie
Coway Airmega air purifier First Alera Onelink Environment Monitor
First Alera Onelink environment monitor Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm
Somfy One security camera Withings Home Plus WiFi cam
C-Way Memoo child's smart speaker Carrier Cor smart thermostats
Switchmate Bright smart switch D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD
Switchmate Power smart plug smart switch Sensory Voice Genie
Hubble Hugo camera Yale Real Living Assure Locks
Carrier Cor smart thermostats Yale NexTouch Wireless Locks
Huawei Mate 9 phone Incipio CommandKit WiFi Smart Wall Switch
Incipio CommandKit WiFi Light Switch

Incipio Command Kit Smart PowerStrip

Cambridge Nightengale

ADT Pulse

Sensory Voice Genie

Onkyo VC-FLX1

Mayfield Robotics Kuri


Amazon AlexaApple HomeKit/SiriGoogle Assistant/Home
iDevices Instant Switch iDevices Instant Switch
LG Hub Robot

Ubtech Robots Lynx


To clarify the rankings "Actually smart" means the product is either big news or a very welcome update. "Sure, okay" rounds up the expected products and updates. "Why?" is either the me-too stuff or things that have one or more obvious issues of one kind of another. Also note that we're only counting products that have explicitly stated support for their respective platforms "We're looking into adding platform X later this year" doesn't count.


Amazon AlexaApple HomeKit/SiriGoogle Assistant/Home
Actually smart 835
Sure, okay 21145
Why? 41
Total 33188

For a deeper look at the new devices coming to each platform, our dedicated pages for each platform round up all the new announcements:

The list represents everything we're aware of (and have permission to disclose) at the start of each day here at the show. See something we missed? Drop us a comment, or you can send me an email by clicking the link on my CNET profile page.

If you're looking for a bigger picture view into smart home platforms, have a look at our brand new smart home compatibility tool. You can also find the rest of our CES coverage here.