A smart camera that can ID your car in less than a second

Security camera manufacturer Kuna says its new software can distinguish a car's color, make and model in under a second.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The new Kuna AI software claims to identify a car's color, make and model in less than a second.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Security camera and outdoor lighting manufacturer Kuna today introduced exciting new software that promises to identify a car's color, make and model in less than a second. According to the press release, the new software, dubbed "Kuna AI," is available now for cloud storage subscribers at the $20 per month "Absolute Control" tier.

Customers paying at either the $10-per-month "Peace of Mind" level or the $5-per-month "Essential Security" level will have access to the new feature this fall. Read more about Kuna's cloud storage services here.

Kuna's Light Fixture is a $199 702p HD security camera built into a porch light. You can choose from a variety of light styles to suit your decor, and the camera blends in seamlessly to monitor your front porch, backyard and more (really, anywhere you have an existing wired porch light). Kuna is also extending this feature to the Toucan camera and the Maximus Smart Security Light.

The official news release explains that the Kuna AI will be able to tell my red Volkswagen Golf from my neighbor's green Ford F150 thanks to a "sophisticated neural network, which is designed using deep learning and based on the human visual cortex." With this knowledge, your Kuna camera should be able to shoot you an alert the moment your in-laws pop over for a visit.

Kuna plans to use this knowledge as a starting point for even more advanced recognition features, such as distinguishing between an ambulance and a UPS delivery truck. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to testing out the core functionality launching today -- identifying a car's color, make and model in less than a second. It almost sounds too good to be true; we'll find out soon enough.

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