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A doodling tablet coming to the Wii

Game developer THQ unveils a 4-by-6-inch pad that lets you draw and color images that show up on your TV screen. A Pictionary game will be sold separately.

The uDraw GameTablet from THQ.
The uDraw GameTablet from THQ.

A doodle pad is noodling its way to the Wii.

Game developer THQ unveiled on Tuesday the uDraw GameTablet. The accessory, which is designed exclusively for the Wii, allows people to draw and color on a 4-inch by 6-inch surface with a detachable stylus. As the player draws on the tablet, the artwork will show up on your television screen. The tablet's uDraw Studio software, which comes with the tablet, is what allows players to draw and color.

A Wii version of Pictionary and a new title called Dood's Big Adventure will be sold separately.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell says that the uDraw GameTablet is for "consumers of all ages," but it's clear to me that the device targets kids.

The tablet draws power from the Wii Remote, which is docked into the device. It features tilt-and-roll capability to allow players to control in-game characters. The company said the device also comes with an SD slot, allowing users to "save their creations on an SD-Card and print their artwork for display on the refrigerator."

It's worth noting that the uDraw GameTablet is making its way only to the Wii--the console that may offer the tablet its best chance at success.

The $69 tablet will be released for the holiday-shopping season. Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure, which will launch with the tablet, will sell for $29 each.