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1 billion hours logged each month on Xbox Live

Microsoft's Xbox Live platform is extremely popular. And now, Microsoft wants the world to know it. The company says that each month gamers spend 1 billion hours using Xbox Live around the world.

Xbox 360 players spend 1 billion hours each month using Xbox Live, Microsoft revealed today.

Microsoft currently has over 25 million Xbox Live members worldwide. And according to the company, those folks are averaging over 40 hours of use each month. Although that figure also includes playing games on the service, the tech giant said that 42 percent of its Xbox Live Gold members watch one hour of television or movies per day on Xbox Live.

Over the past year, the amount of time people spend watching television and movies on the service has increased by 157 percent, Microsoft said.

All told, over 18 million people have either used Facebook, accessed Twitter, watched content on Xbox Live, or accessed one of the other entertainment services offered. At its peak, Xbox Live has been used by 2.4 million people at the same time.

It has been an awfully good year for Microsoft's Xbox. In January, Nielsen reported that the Xbox 360 is the most-used game console on the market, taking up 23.1 percent of gaming time. The PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii followed Microsoft's console with 20.4 percent and 19 percent of gaming time, respectively. Sony's PlayStation 3 console failed to make the top-three list.

In addition, NPD reported earlier this month that Xbox 360 sales are up 34 percent compared to 2009.