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TP-Link gets into the home security game at CES 2022

Four security cameras, two sensors and a home security hub are the latest imports to the US from the smart home developer.

David Priest
David Priest Former editor
David Priest is an award-winning writer and editor who formerly covered home security for CNET.

Smart home and networking developer TP-Link is officially breaking into the home security market in the United States. During CES 2022, the company announced plans to launch four smart cameras, two security sensors and a home security hub in the American market this year.

TP-Link's smart home brand Kasa has enjoyed some success in the US already, but the Tapo brand, which includes security cameras and has been sold primarily abroad, is about to expand its reach, according to the company. That means the imminent release of an outdoor security camera, a floodlight camera, a pan/tilt indoor camera and a wireless outdoor camera -- along with a basic home security system including motion sensors, door/window sensors and an alarm-equipped hub.

Pricing and release dates for the devices are not available yet, but TP-Link's existing cameras tend to fall on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Its most recent pan/tilt camera, for instance, costs only $48 on Amazon, which puts it in the range of wallet-friendly brands like Wyze and Amazon Blink.

Along with its home security devices, TP-Link also announced a new Wi-Fi router with motorized, self-adjusting antennas.