Ring Is Raising Prices on Its Ring Protect Basic Plan

Ring's cheapest plan is now a dollar more per month.

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A Ring video doorbell mounted to a stone exterior wall.

Ring's basic protection plan is getting a little bit more expensive.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Smart home device maker Ring is raising prices for its basic home security plan, the company said in a blog post Wednesday. Its basic security plan allows its video doorbells to record video and alert you to people outside your door. Prices are shifting from $3 per month to $4, or from $30 per year to $40. The new prices will be in effect starting July 1.

Ring is also rolling out some new features to its basic plan, including longer video storage and the ability to download more videos at once. Expanded features, including alerts for cars and animals, are also in the works, though Ring didn't say when they'd be available.

The company also offers two other security plans: Ring Protect Plus for $10 per month and Ring Protect Pro for $20 per month. Those prices will not change.

Ring, a brand owned by Amazon, has received scrutiny for its policies on sharing video with the police.