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Ring adds geofencing to all of its products

Now your security devices can remind you to arm them when you leave the house.


Ring has announced the release of geofencing for all of its products. The Amazon-owned DIY security developer is rolling out the new feature alongside its latest video doorbell and a handful of new Smart Responses, announced last week.

Geofencing allows connected devices to change their behavior based on the location of your phone -- so a smart lock, for instance, could automatically lock if you leave the house with your phone in your pocket. Rather than automatically arming or disarming devices based on location, however, Ring is implementing geofencing to send push notification reminders to users, prompting them to arm or disarm when they leave or arrive home. The app can also send notifications to prompt snoozing motion notifications while the user is home.

These features will be available in the Ring app's settings, so you'll be able to enable them as desired -- or ignore them altogether.

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