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Reolink's New Argus Cam Stretches 4K Video Like Never Before

From all-day color vision to 180-degree dual-image stitching, the 4K Argus 4 Pro packs some seriously advanced video technology.

Tyler Lacoma Editor / Home Security
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Tyler Lacoma
2 min read
The Argus 4 Pro mounted to a white exterior wall next to its solar panel.

The Argus 4 Pro uses dual cams to reach a 180-degree field of view.


High-resolution security cams capture more details and support a wide field of view more reliably, which makes them excellent for outdoor viewing spots. Combine them with smart detection, and you can watch a large area for unexpected visitors. That's why we have a whole list of top 4K-resolution home cams, but Reolink's latest Argus model, the Argus 4 Pro, wants to beat them all.

The wireless Argus 4 Pro's long list of video features includes a dual lens with image stitching that combines the two for a massive 4K, 180-degree field of view. That's enough to capture a football field's worth of activity from the sidelines, or an enormous front yard and driveway. And with its solar panel, you can mount it in higher locations without needing to worry about climbing up to change the battery too often.

The cam also uses Reolink's ColorX software, which is made to enhance the color of images no matter the time of day, straight through twilight and into night-time imaging without the use of infrared. ColorX has worked fairly well in previous Argus cams, and this time Reolink says it can save 30% more battery life in night-vision mode compared to other 4K cameras.

The Argus 4 Pro comes with multiple storage options and end-to-end encryption to help protect captured video. Smart detection for people and vehicles is included too, and Reolink's cams work well with their bundled solar panels if you'd like to save on battery life.

We've tested Argus models in the past and come away impressed with Reolink's straightforward approach to high video resolution and privacy-friendly storage options. When we get our hands on the Argus Pro 4, we'll let you know what we think about that massive field of view and the additional image technology all working together on one device. In the meantime, take a look at some of the best home cams and the places you should never put them.