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New Ring Doorbell Has Head-to-Toe View

The $180 Battery Doorbell Plus is available now for preorder, with shipments beginning April 5.

Image of delivery person and package taken from Ring Battery Doorbell Plus
The newest battery doorbell from Ring features a 150-degree-by-150-degree "head-to-toe" field of view.

Ring announced on Wednesday the release of its first battery-powered video doorbell in two years: the Battery Doorbell Plus

Like Ring's previous battery doorbell, the Video Doorbell 4, the new Battery Doorbell Plus requires no wiring for a simple, non-invasive installation. Other features, specifically the "head-to-toe" field of view and enhanced video resolution, more closely resemble the wired Video Doorbell Pro 2. Perhaps best of all, at $180, the Battery Doorbell Plus is cheaper than the standard pricing on both previous doorbells.

What's new

The Battery Doorbell Plus sports a 150-degree-by-150-degree aspect, the first "head-to-toe" view on a battery-powered doorbell from Ring. Along with a wider field of view, the new doorbell features 1536p HD resolution -- the highest of any Ring battery doorbell yet. 

The doorbell also incorporates improved energy saving features such as People Only and Motion Zones detection for a battery life up to three times better than Ring's first battery doorbell. Similar to previous models from Ring, the Battery Doorbell Plus has a quick-release rechargeable battery pack. You can also connect the doorbell to a compatible solar panel and eliminate, or at least reduce, the need for charging altogether.

Other popular Ring doorbell features, such as Advanced Motion Detection, Quick Responses and Privacy Zones are also included with the Battery Doorbell Plus. And, to be expected from the Amazon-owned company, Alexa integration is also included. 

Available for preorder now

Battery Doorbell Plus is available for preorder on Amazon and Ring as of March 8 for $180. Orders will start shipping to customers on April 5, 2023.