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How to install the Nest Cam

Installing a smart cam can seriously up your security. Here's how to set up the Nest Cam.

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Smart cameras are the easiest way to improve your home security with a single gadget, and some of the best devices on the market are from Nest. Nest has outdoor and indoor security cameras, and, rumor has it, a third 4K camera on the way. But the original Nest Cam Indoor still stands as one of our favorite cameras, offering solid HD video quality, a reliable livestream and cool security features like motion and sound alerts.

Nest also stands apart as one of the smart home gadget developers that does setup right. Here's how to install the Nest Cam.

First off, you'll want to have your phone, the camera and your Wi-Fi password handy for the setup. After that, the steps are simple:

Step 1: Download and install the free Nest App on your phone. It's iOS- and Android-compatible, so you can use it with most mobile devices.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Step 2: In the app, select "Add product," then scan the QR code on the back of your Nest Cam.

Step 3: Next, plug in the Nest Cam, and using the app, connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Step 4: Position the camera how you want, keeping in mind the base is magnetic -- which means you can place it in a lot more locations than you might think. Then set up your security features to monitor motion, sound, both or neither.

Step 5: Check in anytime, using the phone or the app on the Apple TV. If you want continuous recording, you can also check out the various Nest Aware packages that allow for Cloud-stored footage.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Once your Nest Cam is up and running, you can easily move it around the house to new areas. Just unplug it and replug it wherever you want. Likewise, you can control the security settings and adjust the sensitivity of those settings to monitor motion and noise.

The Nest Cam also includes night vision and two-way audio, making it a great way to monitor and communicate with kids while you're out of the house.

Once you get everything set up, you can always go back and tweak the app's features to meet your particular needs. And thanks to the simple installation, you can also add new indoor and outdoor cameras in only a few minutes.