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Google and ADT expand partnership with pro Nest installation and voice commands

ADT customers can add Nest devices to their setup and control ADT products with Google Assistant.

Blue by ADT devices now work with Google Assistant.

Last year, Google and ADT announced a partnership for smart home security sales and installation with Nest products. Beginning this month, ADT takes the next steps by selling Google Nest products with installation and consultation services provided by ADT technicians. 

Existing ADT customers with ADT Command & Control or Blue by ADT smart home security systems will now have the option of controlling their systems with Google Assistant through voice and touch control using a Nest Mini, Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max. ADT will install the Nest products if the customer purchases them through ADT or an ADT-authorized dealer. 

The integration also means that users will now have voice command options like, "Hey Google, set my ADT system to arm stay." A Google Home account is required to link this service to ADT Command & Control and Blue by ADT.

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With your ADT and Google accounts linked, you'll be able to use voice control for arming and disarming your ADT system, connected lights, locks and ADT thermostats. 

If you already own Google Assistant-enabled devices and you're a current ADT customer, you can begin using the integration without any changes to your existing service plan.

If you're interested in getting started, the prices of each device with installation are as follows: 

  • Google Nest Mini device and professional installation: $49
  • Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) device and professional installation: $100
  • Google Hub Max device and professional installation: $230

Those prices line up with the MSRP for each of those devices on their own, making the professional installation free. You can find out more about ADT's DIY security system, Blue by ADT, at its website.