Comcast Xfinity Home security cams can now detect pets in video clips

AI makes spying on your dogs and cats a lot easier.

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Xfinity Camera owners with dogs or cats can now quickly find that clip of you know who, doing you know what, you know where. 

A filter is now available to Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Home customers with the company's cameras and continuous video recording service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to zoom in on pet activity. When pet motion is detected, it will create a smart thumbnail image of the pet to make finding and reviewing clips as simple as turning on the filter. 

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Pet/animal detection is an increasingly common feature on connected home security cameras. The Arlo Ultra, for example, is able to send a custom alert when it sees an animal. Also, the Nest Aware service available with the Nest Cam IQ includes intelligent alerts that can differentiate between a person talking or a dog barking.

Comcast developed its own AI algorithm to go beyond solutions that were commercially available.The algorithm it uses was developed to detect anything from a dog standing still in perfect lighting to one running across the backyard 30 feet away according to Comcast Chief Technology Officer Matt Zelesko. 

The service also offers AI-powered filters for motion-triggered events by people and vehicles.

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