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Amazon's Blink Outdoor 4 Camera Promises Better Image Quality

The new security camera also has a two-year battery life.

Katelyn Chedraoui Associate Writer
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Katelyn Chedraoui
small black security camera on white brick wall, name to the right of it

Amazon introduced the newest generation of its Blink Outdoor 4 camera on Thursday. Amazon says that the newest device in its Blink home security collection has better image quality while maintaining its two-year battery life promise.

You can buy it now for $119.99, with upgrades including enhanced low-light sensitivity, wider fields of view (143 degrees diagonally) and dual-zone motion detection, all with the hopes of improving image and video quality. With a Blink subscription plan, you can also enable a new person-detection feature and customize notifications to provide "greater motion accuracy" and cut down on false or irrelevant alerts.

Like many Blink cameras and devices, the Outdoor 4 can be used with Amazon's Alexa. When Alexa-enabled, the new Outdoor 4 allows users to activate two-way talk, check video feeds on demand and receive alerts hands free.

Blink is one of Amazon's primary home security companies, along with Ring, the maker of the popular doorbell camera. Amazon acquired Blink at the end of 2017 for an estimated $90 million.

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